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Women’s Ultimate Rejuvenator

(5 customer reviews)


300 capsules- The Women Rejuvenator is designed to heal the reproductive system in it’s entirely by regulating menstrual cycles, balancing hormones, toning vaginal wall, increasing fertility, treating fibroid, cysts and stimulating ovaries. It is the master cleanse for the uterus.

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Is one of my most prized combinational herbal treatment. Because the woman is a Goddess, she has the properties to bring forth life on this planet. So as most women know they are troubled with problems in the reproductive system. Problems with irregular menstruation, benign fibroids, ovarian cysts, or endometriosis. Some women have vaginal discharge (leukorhea), cramping, mood swings and spotting between cycles. There are numerous issues that goes on in this department. Now I have designed a 3 packaged formula consisting of 300 capsules for a special price. The ultimate plan is to heal the entire womb, to create life for those who haven’t been able to and give the proper balance the womb needs. Maintaining your reproductive function is pivotal to your overall health ladies! Total Rejuvenation!

5 reviews for Women’s Ultimate Rejuvenator

  1. S Smith (verified owner)

    I have been taking the ultimate rejuvenate for a month. I love it. It has helped me out greatly during my cycle. I don’t bleed as heavy and I was going thru about 9 to 10 pads a day seriously for 7 days. Doc wanted to put me on birth control I wasn’t having that. I’m not cramping as bad as I was. And I’m not moody lol. I will continue to use this package every other month due to me taking some of his other products that I love also.

  2. Adira Yashar’al

    Love! Love! Love ! The way I’m feeling. Better cycles, and better flow. I plan to get more and do this again! Literally made my life better.

  3. Meriyama (verified owner)

    I suffered from Polycystic Ovarian Disorder for almost 30 years. Went to the doctor for over a decade complaing about mood swings, miscarriages, hormone fluctuations, cravings, horrible pms, insulin resistance, heavy cramps/menstruation. The doctor said to go on a low carboydrate diet, ran tests and said nothing was wrong with me! I took the Women’s rejuvenation package and noticed a change in less than a week! Less food cravings, no mood swings, no pms, no cramping and a very light menstruation that lasted 3 days, instead of 7 or more. I used to drip sweat with hot flashes, all through the day and night. Now they only happen at night and are barely noticeable. I’m a completely different women. Thank you Doc Ras Shalom

  4. nikkibonita3 (verified owner)

    My sister gave me this because Every month when I ovulated I would be in severe pain like I was birthing a child. My mood swings was the worst to any one. Period lasted 7-9 days heavy with cramps and blood clots. Plus I was told I has cyst that switched sides as I ovulated plus they would collect fluids during my cycle then leak like I still had my period until my next cycle. Once I started taken it everything went back to normal. No pain no cyst and what moods. So I order more because it truly works!!!

  5. Djones18

    I purchased the women’s rejuenator after speaking my consultation with Doc. Ra’s Shalom. Since I was 14 (now) 39, I always had irregular cycles. My cycle would come every other month for many years. In my twenties, my cycle only came maybe once a year if I was lucky. I purchased the women’s rejuvenator and when my cycle started, I began taking the pills as instructed. The next month, my cycle came! I was like OK…something’s working! Since I’ve taken the women’s rejuvenator, my cycle has been regulated. Some people are weird about seeing their cycle every month but not me! I’m so happy to finally be on track.

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