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Kenyatta Wallace

I need to tell you my good news!! I went to the doctor last week and my doctor said that he had no way to explain what they found..there was no logical explanation…they back tracked all of my tests from the first time they tested me for Lupus and mixed connective tissue disease..he said that

Khaliyah Jones

Greetings! So I have been on the breast enhancer for almost a month I think…not only has my skin brightened and my boobs are rounder and more voluptuous but my hips thighs and butt seemed to have been enhanced as well!!! I am amazed! I love it and will definitely be ordering more. I’ve tried

Lauren Bell

Three months ago I was taking Metformin because I was a so called “borderline” diabetic.  He was like “yes your levels are pretty high, I will need you to have blood drawn and see me in three months.”  I  had been taking Metformin for about 8 months.  So I left my doctor and instead of

JoTonya M.

I purchased the colon cleanser, insomnia, antiviral, and women’s rejuvenator formulas. I’m always constipated and I wanted a natural product that wouldn’t leave my bowels lazy. The colon cleanser formula help me eliminate waste and it didn’t cause diarrhea or cramps. The insomnia formula helped me fall asleep and stay sleep. I wasn’t groggy in